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Kids YachtBefore you spend $100,000 or $100 million on a private yacht, consider the following: every minute, 12 kids around the world starve to death, and the cost to have fed those kids nourishing meals is only 19 cents per day per child (source: World Food Program).

For $35,000, the cost of one of the small yachts, you can save the lives of over 6,000 kids and nourish them back to health by feeding them nourishing meals for a month.
For the price of one of the $250,000 yachts, you can save over 40,000 children and nourish them to health. That number rises to over 175,000 children for the price of one of the million dollar yachts. And for the billion dollar price tag of the monstrous Gigayacht, a staggering 440 million innocent children - an entire continent of them - can be saved.

As mentioned earlier, private yachts are by definition boats of pleasure. You can relax aboard a floating toy or relax elsewhere and save the lives of literally thousands, even millions of children. If you absolutely have to have a pleasure boat, why not choose a smaller one?

Something else. Are you sure your money isn't a blessing from God?

"There is no God," you say?

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