Cars Children

Cars or Children?


Cars Children

Cars ChildrenSo you believe the money for cars is yours. Fair enough, but please consider this: every minute, 12 children around the world die from starvation and feeding nourishing meals to those children would have cost only 19 cents per day per child (source: World Food Programme).

Instead of spending $50,000 or $100,000 or $1 million on luxury cars, why not choose a perfectly nice and safe Toyota, Honda, Volkswagen or Ford for $20,000 and donate the difference to saving children?

How many children could you save?
For $30,000, 5,000 children can be nourished back to health by being fed for a month. For $80,000, you can save the lives of over 14,000 kids, and that number rises to 40,000 kids for $250,000. And by foregoing one of those million dollar cars, you can save the lives of 175,000 kids by feeding them for one month or feed 1,200 kids from birth until they reach their teenage years.

Please think about it - by simply choosing a less expensive car - whether it be economy or used luxury - you can save the lives of thousands of innocent kids. Take a moment to imagine thousands of kids laying around and starving to death next to a luxury car.

And are you sure your wealth isn't a blessing?

If you aren't, see this.