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JFK Jr Wedding ChapelBefore ordering that skyscraper wedding cake and the symphony orchestra for your wedding, consider that most of those lavish weddings ended in divorce, including the $3+ million Gest-Minelli nuptial that lasted only one year.

There's no correlation between the extravagance of a wedding and the longevity or the happiness of the marriage. If there is one, it may even be a negative correlation.
The cost aside, what about the process?

For many couples, the planning for a wedding turns into a full-time production with endless details to study, select, manage and schedule that not only takes time and money but also cause stress and anxiety. At the conclusion of their wedding reception, many couples express fatigue and relief more than anything else.

But it doesn't have to be that way. Consider the memorable JFK Jr. wedding to Carolyn Bessette in 1996 on a deserted island in Georgia. Their chapel (above) didn't even have electricity, and all they brought were their wedding rings and a cross.

Something else - you clicked that your wealth is a blessing.
Would there be another way to wisely spend some of that blessing?

For example, for $200, 100 Bibles can be given to persecuted Christians in countries where Bibles are banned, and for every 100 Bibles given, 200 people on average come to believe in the Gospel, and in turn need their own Bibles.

So instead of spending $30,000 or $3 million to run with the herd, why not save yourself the time and stress, and donate some of the money you save to wining souls?

For $5,000, 2,500 Bibles can be given and about 5,000 souls won for Christ. For $50,000, that number rises to 25,000 Bibles and 50,000 souls saved. And for $500,000, a quarter million Bibles can reach the lost and half million people saved.

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