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Million Dollar Paintings

Million Dollar PaintingsAs the current boom in fine art turns million dollar paintings into multi-million dollar paintings seemingly in just a few years, should you invest?

After all, Steve Wynn got more for his Le Rêve (right) in 2015 than he was offered before he ripped this Picasso just a few years earlier (see Priceless Paintings), while everyone who touched Salvator Mundi, which appreciated 350,000,000% in just 59 years, at least doubled their money even after over-paying.

Before placing your anonymous bid for million dollar paintings or even multi-million dollar paintings, please consider this: every minute, 12 babies die from starvation somewhere in the world and the cost to have fed all 12 kids nourishing meal is just over 2 dollars per day (source: World Food Program).
Save the lives of starving childrenFor the price of even a $10,000 painting, you can save the lives of 1,800 babies and nourish them to health by feeding them for a month. For the price of a quarter million dollar painting, you can save 45,000 kids by feeding them for a month.

For $1 million, that number rises to 180,000 children. And for the $450 million that Mohammed bin Salman spent on Salvator Mundi of The Last Supper, he could have saved the lives of 81 million children.

If you buy art because you take joy in their beauty, wouldn't you derive even more joy in the beauty of saving the lives of thousands or even millions of children?

And if you buy art because you like the respect that your friends pay you for protecting humanity's artistic treasures, wouldn't they respect you even more for protecting humanity's weakest members?

After all, here is what the richest person in the world did to protect you and why.