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Hotel BibleInstead of wasting $10,000 to $25,000 a night to stay in a famous hotel suite with a private swimming pool or gold chandeliers, why not just stay in a regular hotel room and donate the money you save to distributing Bibles?

An obvious recipient of the donation could be Gideon International's hotel Bible program that places free Bibles in hotel rooms (right).
While Gideon's hotel Bible program should continue to be supported, so should those that deliver Bibles to countries that ban them but where the persecuted churches need more of them.

For $1,000, 500 Bibles can be delivered to such churches, and for every Bible delivered, two more people on average come to believe in Jesus as the Salvator Mundi.

And do you really need to stay in a suite? If so, great suites abound for under $1,000. If not, $100 to $200 will get you a perfectly comfortable hotel room.

What impact can you have with the money saved?

If you stay at a $100 hotel room instead of a $10,000 luxury suite and donate the difference to Bible groups, the $9,900 donation will deliver 4,950 Bibles to a country that persecutes Christians, and those Bibles will lead to 9,900 souls saved.

If you stay at a $100 room instead of a $25,000 luxury suite and donate the difference, the $24,900 will deliver 12,450 Bibles to a persecuted region of the world, and those Bibles will lead to over 24,900 souls saved.

By foregoing luxury for just one night, you can be used to bring the Gospel to thousands of people, save them from hell and send them to heaven instead. For more on this, please click here.