Car Bible

Car or Bible?


Car Bible

Car BibleSince you say the money for your million dollar car is a blessing from God, consider the following before burying that dream car:

For $2, frontline Bible organizations can print and smuggle one Bible into a country where they are banned, and for every Bible that reaches such a place, 2 people on average come to believe in Jesus.
Instead of buying a $50,000 or a $500,000 rapidly-depreciating luxury car (new cars lose 25% of their value within months), why not choose an economy car like Toyota, Honda, Volkswagen or Ford for $25,000 and donate the rest to saving souls?

For $30,000, 15,000 Bibles can reach the lost and 30,000 souls won for Christ. For $80,000, 40,000 Bibles can reach the lost and 80,000 saved. Those numbers rise to 250,000 Bibles and 500,000 souls saved for $500,000. And if you forego a million dollar car, 500,000 Bibles can reach the lost and an astounding 1 million people saved.

A luxury car is by definition worth more than its utility, and you said that your wealth is a blessing. You can use God's blessings to pay for what the world says you need to have or 'deserve' to have to be happy, or you can use God's blessings to get Bibles to thousands or even millions of people who need Jesus much more than you need a shiny new set of wheels.

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