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Kids or Yachts?


Kids Yacht

Kids YachtSo, you believe wealth is the product of hard work and intelligence.

Before spending $50,000 or $500 million of your hard-earned money on a water toy, consider the following: every minute, 12 kids around the world starve to death, and the cost to have fed those kids nourishing meals is only 19 cents per day per child (source: World Food Program).

For $50,000, the cost of a 20-foot yacht, you can save the lives of 720 kids and nourish them back to health by feeding them nourishing meals for a year.
For the price of a $250,000 yacht, you can save over 3,600 children and nourish them for a year. That number rises to 14,420 children for the price of a $1 million dollar yacht. The table below lists the owners of ten of the most expensive yachts in the world today and how many starving children they could have saved for the price of their water toys.

Gigayacht   $1 billion 14,4191611 children
Azzam Khalifa bin Zayed al Nahyan $630 million 9,084,355 children
Eclipse Roman Abramovich $485 million 6,993,511 children
Dubai Mohammed bin al Maktoum $400 million 5,767,844 children
Rising Sun David Geffen $300 million 4,325,883 children
Octopus Paul Allen $250 million 3,604,903 children
Luna Farkhad Akhmedov $300 million 4,325,883 children
Pelorus Samuel Tak Lee $300 million 4,325,883 children
Radiant Abdullah al Futtaim $286 million 4,124,009 children
Dilbar II Alisher Usmanov $263 million 3,792,358 children

The massive numbers on the right are not just numbers. They are children - human beings - each of whom have a face, like the baby above. When Messrs. Allen, Geffen, Lee, Abramovich, Akhmedov, Usmanov, al Futtaim, al Maktoum and al Nahyan die, they may need to answer to God why they chose to frolic aboard a monstrous water toy instead of saving millions of children from death. After all, with great wealth comes great responsibility.

Will it be any different if you choose the death of mere hundreds of children?