How Diamonds Are Mined

Land-Mined Diamonds


How Diamonds Are Mined

How Diamonds Are MinedHow are diamonds - small rocks - able to command such high prices? Are diamonds that rare, or does it have to do with how diamonds are mined?

It does have to do with how diamonds are mined because in reality, diamonds aren't as rare as many think; there are a lot more diamonds in the world than we have been told.

For example, one piece of land in Africa alone is estimated to hold far more diamonds than all of the diamonds on rings today. The trouble is, we can't get to them.

Why not?
It's because that land is mined, but it isn't the diamonds that are mined. The land is booby trapped with land mines, enclosed by razor wires and guarded by armed guards.


It's due to that land, as well as the majority of the global diamond supply belonging to De Beers, the South Africa's mining giant and other large suppliers that control the world's diamond supply and that want to maintain high prices and profits.

When you buy diamonds, it is pointless to pay for color ratings below "J" and clarity ratings below "SI2" since lower ratings are much more expensive but the differences are totally imperceptible to the human eye and can only be seen under the 10x magnification of a jeweler's gem scope.

Unless you and your friends carry gem scopes around, it's an idiotic waste of money to pay more, let alone much more, for imperceptible differences. When jewelers hint that you should buy the "perfect diamond"  that reflects the purity of your love, they are really reflecting the purity of their greed.

So, if they recommend a VVSI1 D diamond for $20,000, buy a same sized SI2 J diamond for $5,000 instead. You will save $15,000 and end up with the same-sized diamond that looks just as clear and colorless.

What should you do with the rest of the money?
Give it to frontline Bible organizations that can print and smuggle a Bible into a country where they are banned for $2, and for every Bible brought in, 3 people on average come to believe in Jesus. $5,000 means 2,500 Bibles and 7,500 souls won, while $15,000 means 7,500 Bibles and 22,500 saved souls.

You can spend less on a piece of stone and more on the living Word of God that will lead to thousands of souls won for Christ, Who, unlike diamonds, is truly forever, as you agreed.

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