JFK Jr. Wedding

JFK Jr. - Carolyn Bessette Wedding


JFK Jr. Wedding

Speaking of lavish wedding and wealth, consider the JFK Jr. wedding to Carolyn Bessette.

JFK Jr WeddingJFK Jr. was born and literally raised in the White House during his father's presidency. JFK Jr. had wealth, as well as fame and good looks. At the time of his wedding, JFK Jr. was being groomed by the Kennedy clan for a high-profile political career and an eventual presidential run in his father's footsteps.

The storied JFK Jr. wedding to Carolyn Bessette in the fall of 1996, however, contrasted sharply with JFK Jr's wealth and was a picturesque yet humble ceremony on the uninhabited Cumberland Island off the coast of Georgia. The wedding venue was a small chapel that did not even have electricity.
What were the ornaments for the ceremony? Just two branches tied together into a cross. The lone costly item was the bride's dress. The point is this: those confident about their wealth don't have to splurge or try to to show off with a lavish wedding.

Also consider this: every 5 seconds, a child dies from starvation somewhere in the world, and the cost to have fed that child a nourishing meal is only 19 cents per day (source: World Food Program).

So instead of spending 30,000 dollars or 3 million dollars to run with the herd, why not keep it simple, save yourself the time and the stress (the primary sentiment that many couples express most often after their weddings, which often become high-stress, year-long productions, is relief rather than joy) and donate the money your save to saving the lives of starving, innocent children?

Based on the World Food Program numbers above, you can feed nearly 900 kids for a month, long enough for them to be nourished back to health, for 5,000 dollars. For 50,000 dollars, that number rises to 9,000 kids, and for half million dollars, you can save 90,000 children and nourish them back to health.

Please think about that. By having a smaller party for one day, you can save the lives of hundreds if not thousands of children. Can you think of a better way to start your marriage than to save the lives of that many children?

Something else. You clicked that your money isn't a blessing from God. Are you sure about that? "There is no God," you say?

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