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Kids HotelWhat does this photo have to do with hotel suites and hotel rooms?

It has much to do with hotel suites and rooms, as will be explained below, so please hear me out.

Every minute, 12 kids around the world starve to death, and the cost to have fed those kids nourishing meals is only 19 cents per day per kid (source: World Food Program).

So everyday, over 17,000 innocent kids perish from starvation, and the cost to have fed them is only around $3,000 per day.

Instead of spending $10,000 to swim in famous hotel rooms or $25,000 to stare at 22-carat gold chandeliers dangling over your bed, why not spend less and donate the money you save to saving the lives of children?

Let's face it, do you really even need to stay in a suite? If so, it isn't hard to find a great suite for under $1,000. If not, $200 will get you a perfectly nice hotel room.
Better yet, why not stay at a nice and cozy, family-run bed and breakfast for $50 and enjoy a more personal hospitality? You will not only save money but also have a more memorable stay since people, not rooms, are remembered, and bed and breakfast hostesses are easier to remember than hotel concierges.

How far will your money you save go to save the lives of children? $9,950 will feed over 1,700 children for a month, long enough for them to nourished back to health, while $24,000 will feed over 4,000 children for a month. Think about this. By foregoing opulence for just one night, you can save the lives of thousands of children and nourish them back to health.

Something else. Are you sure your money isn't a blessing from God?

"There is no God," you say?

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