Diamonds Are Forever Slogan

Are Diamonds Forever?


"Diamonds Are Forever" Slogan

Diamonds Are Forever SloganDiamonds became the de facto obligatory stone for engagement rings in the early 20th century when DeBeers, the South African mining giant, coined a brilliant slogan for its advertising campaign, a slogan that branded diamonds as the sign of love forever.

What was the DeBeers' slogan? "Diamonds Are Forever!"

Are DeBeers diamonds forever, or are any other diamonds forever as DeBeers' slogan declares?

Of course they aren't forever. At best, your diamonds are until you die. At worst, your diamonds are until they get lost, stolen or sold after divorce. DeBeers' slogan is just a crafty marketing ploy to grab your money.
Another question: why are diamonds - little stones - so expensive? Are they really that rare?

The answer is no. There is an area in South Africa, for example, that is estimated to hold three to four times more diamonds than all of the diamonds on fingers today. That area is mined but not to extract diamonds. It is mined with landmines, fenced with barbed wires and patrolled by guards with orders to shoot trespassers. Why?

It's because that area, as well as a big chunk of the world's diamond supply is controlled by DeBeers, which has long dominated the world's diamond trade. By limiting the global supply of available diamonds, this South African multinational and other large diamond suppliers keep their prices and its profits inflated.

When buying diamonds (see Perfect Diamond), there is no point in paying for color designation below "J" and clarity below "SI2." Why? Lower designations cost much more but the difference can only be seen under a gemscope's 10x magnification.

Unless you have bionic eyes, it is absurd to pay many times more money for something that can't even be seen. Sure, some women will compare their diamonds' imperceptible designations and jewelers will suggest that the diamond you buy should be as pure as your love, but don't listen to their nonsense.

Instead of spending $10,000 on a 'VSI2 G' diamond, spend $5,000 on a same-sized, 'SI2 J' diamond that will also look totally colorless and free from birthmarks. If planning to spend $20,000 on a VVSI1 D diamond, you can save $15,000 for the same-sized, 'SI2 J' diamond that looks just as clear and colorless, etc.

If diamonds are not forever, then what is? Heaven and hell are forever and God is forever. If you think that there is no God, please click here.