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Kids Wine

Kids WineBut before spending your hard-earned money on wine, let alone wines like the 1787 Chateau Lafite, please consider this about kids: every 10 minutes, 120 kids around the world die from starvation and saving those kids by feeding them costs only 19 cents per day per child (source: World Food Programme).

If the $24,000, 75cl bottle of Romanee-Conti contained 24 sips of wine, that's $1,000 per sip of wine. For the $1,000 that someone spent to take one sip of that wine, over 5,000 kids could have been fed and kept alive, or 175 kids fed for a month and nourished back to health.
Are your wines more in the $240 price range? Each sip of those is worth $10, which could have saved the lives of 50 children or fed 18 of them for a month and nourished them to health. The whole bottle would have saved over 1,200 children or fed 42 of them for a month.

See the woman in the photo above? That filthy, muddy water she is collecting - one in which you wouldn't wash your feet - is for her family, including her children, to drink.

She and her children are worth just as much as you in the eyes of God. The next time you reach to buy a $240 bottle, remember that the money for that bottle would pay for digging a well from which fresh water can be pumped for her entire village.

Also, please be reminded that alcohol is an acquired taste. The finer you drink, the finer you have to drink. At first, $20 bottles impress the senses. But if you start to drink $100 bottles, the $20 versions no longer impress. That doesn't mean your taste buds are happier, but just that you need to spend more money to keep them happy.

So why not just stay with $20 choices? Instead of spending more money to make your taste buds only more demanding, why not use the money saved to save the lives of children - tens, hundreds and even thousands of them? Instead of Chateau Cheval Blanc, why not buy Chateau Neuf du Pape? Or instead of Romanee-Conti, why not try Sancerre or Chablis, both nice whites?

Something else. Are you sure your money isn't a blessing from God? "There is no God," you say?

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