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Million Dollar Paintings

Million Dollar PaintingsSo, you believe the resources for acquiring million dollar paintings, perhaps even the so-called "priceless paintings" like the 100 million dollar Le Reve (right) by Pablo Picasso, are yours.

But before placing your anonymous bids for those million dollar paintings or even multi-million dollar paintings, please consider this: every minute, 12 babies perish from starvation somewhere in the world and the cost to have fed all 12 kids nourishing meal is just over 2 dollars per day (source: World Food Program).
Save the lives of starving childrenFor the price of even a $10,000 painting, you can save the lives of 1,800 babies and nourish them to health by feeding them for a month. For the price of a quarter million dollar painting, you can save 45,000 kids by feeding them for a month.

For $1 million, that number rises to 175,000 children. And for his $100 million Le Reve, Steve Wynn could have saved the lives of over 24 million children.

You buy art because you take joy in their beauty, right? Wouldn't you derive even more joy in the beauty of saving the lives of thousands or even millions of innocent children?

Please take a moment to picture in your mind colored oil on canvas and next to it, hundreds if not hundreds of thousands of babies smiling at you with gratitude because you saved them. Which would you enjoy more?

Perhaps you're interested in art more as an investment. If so, why not invest in  the artwork of promising but undiscovered artists? After all, why invest in art that already has appreciated and whose upside is limited? Your return on investment on a gifted but undiscovered artist could be as spectacular as the money saved, which can be invested in saving children.

Or perhaps you buy art because you like the respect that your friends pay you for protecting humanity's artistic treasures. If so, wouldn't your friends respect you even more for protecting the weakest members of the humanity?

Something else. Are you sure your money isn't a blessing from God? "There is no God," you say? Please click here.