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Radiant Yacht

Radiant YachtRadiant is a yacht right out of a 007 James Bond movie.

Somali pirates beware. Radiant yacht is equipped with the mother-of-all water cannons that can sink a skiff while it's still a hundred yards away. Radiant yacht also has powerful sonic cannons whose sonic waves can blow out the eardrums of any approaching pirates, so they should bring earplugs or learn the sign language.
If the cannons fail and the pirates board the Radiant, the James Bond wanna-be can escape by jumping through an emergency hatch and into a turbo-charged twin diesel speedboat that can scream away at 75 knots, which is 86 miles per hour.

Who would commission a yacht with such features? The 007 in question is Boris Berezovsky, a Russian tycoon with a lot of money and at least a bit of paranoia.

Boris Berezovsky actually commissioned the Radiant to outdo Pelorus, the stunningly beautiful megayacht owned by his nemesis and Russian compatriot, Roman Abramovich.

But when he realized that he was falling short of his goal, Berezovsky sold Radiant before it was even completed to Abdullah al Futtaim, a car dealer from the United Arab Emirates who appreciated Radiant's luxurious spa, movie theatre and other creature comforts as well as its defensive armaments and getaway speedboat.

The interior of Radiant was designed by Terence Disdale and Yabu Pushelberg. Its exterior was designed by Tim Heywood, and the boat was built by Germany's Lursson Yachts. Radiant can comfortably accommodate eighteen guests in nine luxury suites, as well as a crew of forty-two who live aboard the boat year-around.

So back to our original question: how much do yachts like the Radiant cost and how much should you spend on a pleasure boat of your own?
The answer ultimately depends on your perspectives about your wealth and the source of it. Please click here if you believe your wealth is attributable solely to your intelligence and endeavor, and click on million dollar yachts if you believe that your wealth is a blessing from God.