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Rising Sun Yacht

Rising Sun YachtRising Sun is a mega-yacht commissioned by Larry Ellison. Today, the yacht is owned by David Geffen.

Delivered in 2004, the Rising Sun was built by Lursson Yachts of Germany. The exterior of Rising Sun was designed by Bannenberg & Rowell Yacht Design of the United Kingdom. The interior of Rising Sun was designed by Seccombe Design of the United States.
Rising Sun measures 453 feet (138 meters) in length, which is about 50% longer than a football field, and weighs almost 8,000 tons.

The yacht has more than 80 rooms with a total living space of over 86,000 square feet in five decks, all for the pleasure of only sixteen guests, who are served by a crew of over forty. That averages five rooms and almost three crew members per guest.

Propelling the Rising Sun are 4 screws that are powered by four MTU 20V 8000 M90 diesel engines with a combined thrust of 49,000 horse power. It has a maximum speed is 28 knots, which is fast for a yacht this big.

Finding the 244 feet (75 meter) long Katana, his previous water toy, too small for his ego, especially when compared to Paul Allen's Octopus, which is 414 feet or 126 meters long, Larry Ellison commissioned the Rising Sun to be 40 feet longer than Microsoft co-founder's water toy.

He sold Katana when the Rising Sun was delivered, and then sold the Rising Sun in 2010 to David Geffen, the music producer and Hollywood mogul who in 1994 co-founded DreamWorks with Steven Spielberg and Jeffrey Katzenberg.

So back to the original question: how much do yachts like the Rising Sun cost and how much should you pay for your pleasure boat?
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