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Katana YachtHere is the 244-foot (75 meter) long Katana yacht.

Until recently, Katana yacht was owned by Larry Ellison, the flamboyant chairman of Oracle Corporation, a Silicon Valley-based American information technology company.

Katana, which means "sword" in Japanese, was actually called ECO when it was constructed and launched in 1991. That was the name given to the yacht by its original owner, Emilio Azcarraga, a Mexican media magnate who founded and served as the chief executive officer of Mexico's dominant media company, Televisa.

While it is not the largest yacht in the world, Katana weighs over 1,100 tons, has a range of 4,000 nautical miles, and flies the flag of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.
The hull is made of steel and the deck is made of teak. The length at waterline is 223 feet, which is 68 meters, and the beam is 37 feet, or 11 meters.

In due time, Larry Ellison's ego became too large even for a 223 foot long 1,100 ton superyacht. So he commissioned an even bigger superyacht to be built. When the Rising Sun was completed and delivered to him, Ellison sold Katana to UK's Aidan Barclay, who gave it yet another new name: Enigma.

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