Largest Giga-yacht



GigayachtGigayacht Everest sits atop the mega yacht totem pole. Designed by Donald Starkey and being built for delivery in 2015, Gigayacht Everest will be 656 feet (200 meters) long - i.e., Gigayacht Everest will be longer than two football fields put together and will dwarf Roman Abramovich's yacht Eclipse.

Appropriately named after the world's tallest peak, the Everest will have five decks serviced by two elevators and include a submarine, helipad and hangar, indoor and outdoor pools, cinema and scuba center, to name just a few of the amenities. And to guard against potential terrorists attacking from the air or Somali pirates attacking from skiffs, there is even talk of equipping it with deck-launched torpedoes and Ship-to-Air Missiles (SAM).

All this will be for a crew of eighty, including security personnel, to pamper and protect only thirty-four passengers in seventeen luxury suites, each with a private terrace. Consider the Everest as an ultra-luxurious and secure private battleship to cater to every playful and paranoid whim of the uber-rich. But really, how much relaxing can you do next to torpedoes and missiles?

And what will it take to own this monster floating toy?
The Everest's current price tag exceeds half billion dollars (that's "b"). And that doesn't count the cost to operate it, which will include the salaries and expenses for those 80 crew members, which alone will run to almost $1 million a month. Add in the cost of fuel, maintenance, insurance, 'marina,' not to mention torpedoes and missiles, and the total price tag will make all but the world's richest flinch.

So, let's get back to our original question about the cost of yachts: should you buy a private yacht, and if so, what kind should it be?

The answer depends on your perspectives on the ultimate source of your wealth. Please click here if you believe that your wealth is a result solely of your endeavors and intellect, and please click here if you believe that your wealth is ultimately a blessing from God.
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