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Dilbar Yacht

Dilbar YachtDilbar is a motor yacht owned by Alisher Usmanov*, a Russian tycoon and a pious son, who named the yacht after his mother, Dilbar.

Dilbar yacht weighs over 4,000 tons and is 360 feet long, which is 120 meters. The yacht flies the flag of the Cayman Islands, can accommodate 18 guests in nine suites, and requires a crew of forty-six to operate.

Launched in 2008, Dilbar has two helipads and twin screws, each propelled by an MTU diesel motor, and can hit maximum speed of 21 knots, which is about 24 miles per hour.
Many consider Dilbar to be the smaller and the somewhat less pretty younger sister of the 377 foot yacht, Pelorus, owned by another Russian tycoon, Roman Abramovich, who also owns Eclipse, one of the world's largest megayachts.

The interior of Dilbar was designed by Alberto Pinto of Paris, France. The exterior was designed by Tim Heywood Design of Rutland, United Kingdom, and the ship was built by Lurssen Yachts of Bremen, Germany.

So back to our original question: how much do megayachts like Dilbar cost, and how much should you spend on a please boat of your own?

The answer ultimately depends on your perspectives about your wealth and the source of it. Please click here if you believe your wealth is attributable solely to your intelligence and endeavor, and click on million dollar yachts if you believe that your wealth is a blessing from God.
* Hailing from an Uzbek extraction, Alisher Usmanov is one of the richest Russians, having amassed his fortune in natural gas, mining and lumber. He manages the metals interests of Russia's Gazprom and either owns or has ownership interests in Russian television stations, one of the largest mobile phone operators in Russia, as well as publishing houses and leading Russian internet websites. Outside Russia, Alisher Usmanov owns the Arsenal soccer/football club in the English Premier League.