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Paul Allen Yacht Octopus


Paul Allen Yacht Octopus

Paul Allen Yacht OctopusOctopus is one of two mega-yachts owned by Paul Allen, the billionaire who co-founded Microsoft with Bill Gates in 1975.

When Paul Allen received his newly-built yacht in 2003, Octopus (right) was the largest yacht in the world: Octopus measures 414 feet (126 meters) in length and 361 feet (110 meters) at the waterline.

A cruising mega-yacht, Octopus is propelled by twin screws powered by eight Mercedes diesel engines with a total output of 19,000 horse powers. Paul Allen can cruise his yacht at speeds up to 20 knots.
The exterior of Octopus was designed by Espen Oino, the renowned boat architect, and his team at EOI in Monaco. The interior was designed by Jonathan Quinn Barnett of Seattle, Washington in the United States, and the boat was constructed by Lurssen in Bremen, Germany.

Octopus comes loaded with not one but two helicopters, no fewer than six tenders, one manned submarine, one un-manned submarine, a swimming pool on deck, and enough luxurious creature comforts for the crew of fifty-seven to pamper up to twenty-six guests.

After leaving Microsoft to Bill Gates, Paul Allen became a venture capitalist, a real estate developer, a professional sports team owner, and dabbled in philanthropy. He owns the National Basketball Association (NBA)'s Portland Trailblazers basketball team and the National Football League (NFL)'s Seattle Seahawks football team.

Just one megayacht longer than a football field, of course, wasn't enough for Paul Allen, who owns yet another megayacht, called Tatoosh.

While Paul Allen's spending habits raises the proverbial question, 'When is it enough?', let's get back to the original question: how much do yachts like the Octopus cost and more to the point, how much should you pay for a yacht of your own?'

The answer ultimately depends on your perspectives about your wealth and the source of it. Please click here if you believe your wealth is attributable solely to your intelligence and endeavor, and click on million dollar yachts if you believe that your wealth is a blessing from God.