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Luna Yacht

Luna YachtLuna is the latest addition to Roman Abramovich's mega-yacht fleet that already boasts the super-yachts Eclipse and Pelorus.

Delivered in 2010, Luna is an expedition yacht that is 377 feet (124 yards) long and 59 feet (20 yards) wide.

The interior of Luna was designed by Donald Starkey. Luna's exterior was designed by Newcruise Design, and the yacht was built by the Bremerhaven, Germany-based Lloyd Werft and Stahlbau Nord shipyards.
Luna can attain maximum speed of 16 knots, flies the flag of Bermuda, and is loaded with the usual potpourri of water toys and creature comforts that the uber-rich appreciate. There are two helipads: one faces forward on the top deck in front of the communication tower, while the other faces to the rear on the second highest deck.

What is an "expeditionary" yacht anyway? It's simply a yacht geared to "expeditions" or explorations. Luna has a slightly longer range than other yachts of its size and doesn't require as many port calls for fuel. Luna is being hailed the largest expeditionary yacht in the world but the classification may be intended to bestow the superlative.

As mentioned earlier, besides Luna, Roman Abramovich also owns the Eclipse, one of the largest yachts in the world, and Pelorus, arguably the prettiest mega-yacht in the world.

So back to our original question: how much do yachts like Luna cost and how much should you spend on a yacht of your own?

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