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Abramovich Yacht Eclipse


Eclipse Yacht

Abramovich Yacht EclipseHere is Eclipse, the mega-yacht of Roman Abramovich.

is one of the world's largest yachts and Roman Abramovich is a Russian oligarch who likes to spend his questionably-earned money on uber-expensive toyes including mega-yachts like the Eclipse.

Eclipse yacht was designed for Abramovich by Terence Disdale of Surrey, United Kingdom and built by Blohm & Voss of Hamburg, Germany. Delivered in 2010 and flying the flag of Bermuda, it is 550 feet long (168 meters) and displaces about 13,000 tons.
To put the massive size of Abramovich's water toy into perspective, the United States Navy's modern Arleigh Burke class of destroyers are 505 feet (154 meters) long and displace only 10,000 tons.

What's more, Eclipse comes with its own fleet comprised of no fewer than seven tenders, three helicopters, a submarine and a crew of seventy, all to protect and please twenty-eight guests in its fourteen ultra-luxury suites.

Roman Abramovich has the additional around-the-clock protection of a private army of no fewer than forty armed guards, which is more than the number of secret service agents who accompany the President of the United States on some outings.

A resident of the United Kingdom with close ties to Russian President/Premier Vladimir Putin, Abramovich also owns the megayachts Pelorus and Luna, as well as the English Premier League's Chelsea professional soccer/football team.

So back to our question: how much do yachts like the Eclipse cost and how much should you spend on a pleasure boat of your own?
The answer ultimately depends on your perspectives about your wealth and the source of it. Please click here if you believe your wealth is attributable solely to your intelligence and endeavor, and click on million dollar yachts if you believe that your wealth is a blessing from God.